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 lake keowee


Where can I apply for a permit?
You can click on the following link for Duke Energy Lake Services at https://www.duke-energy.com/community/lakes/services/permits-shoreline-activities and click on the link for Construction Application under Lake Keowee. There is a list of things on the permit that you must have to send in with the permit. The user's agreement should be attached with the permit application. You can also call Duke Energy Lake Services office at 1-704-382-8086 or 1-800-443-5193 and ask them to mail you a permit package.  Our Staff is very knowledgeable with the permit process. Please contact us if you need assistance.

 When do I need to apply for a new permit?
Anytime you are wishing to build a new dock, reconfigure, relocate, modify, expand or maintain an existing dock, you will need to apply for a permit. Failure to get a new permit may result in unwanted delays, suspension or cancellation of approved applications, increase in fees, modification or removal of the non-complying structure, and/or withdrawal of permission to have a dock on the particular lot.

How much does a permit cost?
As of January 1, 2016, any new applications submitted to Duke Energy for private docks or shoreline stabilization within the project boundaries will need to include a fee of $500 payable to KT Habitat Enhancement Program in addition to the current $350 fee payable to Duke Energy Lake Services. If you are submitting an application for more than one activity, for example: a dock and for shoreline stabilization, you will only have to pay each fee ($350 plus $500) one time.. Permit requests that are denied are refunded to the applicant.

How long does it take to get my permit back once I submit all my information?
Certain times of the year the dock permitting process may take longer than others because of demand. Duke Energy has a goal of trying to issue permits in about 20- 30 days of receiving the permit application; however, some circumstances may increase the turnaround time.

I just received my new permit. How long do I have to put my dock in place?
Permits are valid for one year from the date on the approval letter and the dock must be installed within that time frame. Failure to install will result in the need to reapply for a permit.

What things should I consider when determining the length of the walkway needed?
Water depth and minimum boat lift operation depths are two main factors to consider when requesting a walkway length. Docks/piers may not extend more than one-third the distance to the opposite shoreline (1/3 of the cove). Docks with any portion of the structure on the cove side wider than 6ft will be required to be shortened an additional 10ft (1/3 of the cove – 10ft) to allow for mooring a watercraft. Duke Energy will provide the maximum length of walkway you will be allocated through the permitting process, but it is a good idea to have the water depth measured 30ft, 40ft, and 60ft from the shoreline so that an accurate request may be made.

I have less than 100ft of shoreline. What is the maximum size dock I can have installed?
If the lot was subdivided and recorded prior to September 1, 2006, new permit applicants may be allowed to construct up to 10 square ft of pier/dock for every linear foot of developable shoreline so long as the lot has at least 75 linear feet of shoreline. Lots subdivided and recorded before June 1, 1996, that have less than 75 ft of shoreline are also eligible for 10 square ft of dock for every linear foot of developable shoreline. There is a maximum limit of 1000 square foot that applies to all docks no matter what the linear shoreline.

I would like to have a two story dock. Is this allowed?
Decks, gazebos, covered boat slips, and boat shelters must be single story structures. They may be roofed and designed to allow second story use (sundeck); however, the second story must not be roofed creating a two story roofed structure.

I want to sell my dock to another Lake Keowee lot owner. What do I need to do?
Before finalizing the sale be sure you and the buyer of the existing dock have applied for and received approval for a permit through Duke Energy. Duke Energy will need to be aware of where your existing dock will be going and have a permit on file for that location before they will issue your new permits.

I want to install a new dock in place of my existing dock. What is the process for disposing of the old dock?
First , you will need to complete the application process and receive an approved permit from Duke Energy. Duke Energy needs to be notified of your intentions of disposing of the old dock. All components of the old dock must be removed.

How far away does my dock need to be from my neighbors dock?
All docks must be at least 10ft from the neighboring projected property line. Any infringement of this rule requires an Encroachment Agreement signed by you and the neighbor. Written release to encroach across a projected property line remains valid for the life of the permit.

My dock just got installed. Do I need to contact Duke Energy Lake Services or does my dock manufacturer?
As a courtesy your dock manufacturer or you should contact Duke Energy Lake Services to inform them that the dock has been installed so that the final dock inspection can be preformed. Duke Energy Lake Services can be reached at 1-800-443-5193.

Do I need to apply for a permit if I plan on installing a boat lift or PWC lift?
A boat lift is allowed within a slip of the dock without a permit. Dock owners are also allowed up to two PWC lifts along the side of a dock without a permit. Boatlifts installed on the outside of the dock will require a permit.

I have an existing dock and would like to add a cantilevered dock box frame on the side for my dock box. Will I need to get a permit?
Yes. If the frame for the dock box changes the original foot print of the dock then it will be counted as square footage and a new permit will be required.

Do I need insurance on my dock?
Yes, get it in writing, and continuously check for the presence of its coverage in renewal policies! We have seen circumstances where customers were told the dock was included in the policy, but to the surprise of the insurance agent and customer, the dock was excluded in a renewal policy and subsequently was not covered when significant storm damaged occurred.

What is the maximum square footage for a dock on Lake Keowee?
The maximum square footage for a private dock on Lake Keowee is 1000 sq. ft. The square footage is calculated by the dock and walkway size. You may have up to 2 slips . A total of two PWC docks or lifts are allowed in addition to this maximum.

*More information on Duke Energy's Shoreline Management Plan can be found at www.duke-energy.com/shoreline-management/keowee.asp
You may also contact Duke Energy Lake Services at 1-800-443-5193 to speak with a Lake Services Representative. If you prefer to contact through email, their email is LakeServices@duke-energy.com.

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